First up on Our Block - Rachael Boon is an original artist extraordinaire, restaurateur and professional green thumb. We interviewed Rachael back in the summer holidays and loved getting to know a little more on this talented gem. 

Q: What is the inspiration behind the collection ‘Stay Cool’?

RB: Warm days & warm nights. Tropical Queensland lazy days. Days spent cooling off by the creek or pool. Finding shade under a palm tree. Long beach walks at dusk.

Q: What is your favourite piece in the collection? Any reason why?

RB: I love my ladies Barbara & Lois. I love the way all my ladies lay & flop about trying to stay cool one way or another

Q: What is your Go-to song for creating?

RB: I currently have a playlist just for summer. incudes a bit of Fleetwood Mac , Blondie, Maggie Rogers, Taylor swift, Lana del Ray.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

RB: From living in far north Queensland. Exotic. Its natural beauty is jaw dropping.

Q: Are there any artists or other local creatives you are loving at the moment?

RB: I’m loving Kimberley Measday portrait works or Rosie Cummings work also is stunning hand weaving recycled materials foraged from local beaches, Janet Morris latest works are breath taking. Landscapes. All are local artists.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

RB: I’m currently away on my annual holiday. I’m having a beautiful beach holiday in South East Queensland. I’m looking forward to painting my experience in my next series

Q Where would we find you on a typical Friday night?

RB: I would be most likely swaning around my restaurant Jungle Fowl in Port Douglas.

Q: As a foodie, what would you cook as your last meal?

RB: Lamb roast with all the trimmings & pavlova. Just like my grandma made me.

Q: What’s in your online shopping cart or on your wish list?

RB: 2 first class tickets to Paris for spring. (Definitely only wish list at the moment)

Quickfire - this or that! 🔥

Birks or Boots? Boots

Tea or coffee (or margs)? Tea

Sun or snow? Sun

Thrift store or Designer? Both

Sunrise or Sunset? Both love them equally

You can shop Rachael Boon’s original artwork in store or here online and visit @rachaelboonartist to find out more.