Candle Diffuser Set - Pistachio + Caramel Duo


When it comes to scenting your space, the Celia Loves Duo Set is the perfect solution. Combining 100ml fragrance diffuser with a 95gm mini candle, your space will smell boujee all day. 

Handcrafted on the surf coast of Victoria, Candied Pear has a deletable and refreshing scent.

Top notes: Green pear, apples, sweet orange.

Heart notes: Cinnamon, magnolia.

Base notes: Vanilla, nutmeg, spice and spun sugar.

Celia Loves candles are hand-poured in to contemporary glass jars making them the perfect addition to any room. With their creative packaging and distinctive fragrances, Celia Loves candles are a thoughtful gift for someone or a treat for yourself.

Product Details:

Pack Size: 100ml Diffuser + 95gm Candle

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Cotton Lead Free Wicks

Burn Time: 25hrs estimated burn time


Burning should be supervised and away from flammable objects.