Cleaning Kit - All Purpose Apple and White Musk


Introducing the All Purpose Cleaning Kit, the ultimate solution for your general home cleaning needs.

Al.ive's design-inspired kit features a 450ml Refillable Bottle, Bottle Station & Connector, 50ml Cleaning Concentrate, and a thoughtfully designed Microfibre Cloth with scrubbing tab.

The powerful All Purpose formula can be used on a multitude of surfaces, making it the perfect cleaning companion. The 450ml bottle is designed to last and can be refilled time and time again with the eco-friendly Cleaning Concentrate Refills, reducing plastic waste by 90% when compared to purchasing a full sized bottle.

Simply pour the 50ml Cleaning Concentrate into the Refillable Bottle, fill up to the 450ml line with regular tap water and give the bottle a good shake. You are now ready to go. The uplifting scent of Apple and White Musk will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

With the al.ive home Cleaning All Purpose Cleaning system you'll have everything you need to tackle any mess whilst being environmentally conscious.

The 450ml bottles are designed for longevity and to be refilled using the al.ive Home Cleaning Concentrate Refills. Al'ive's concentrate refills are 100% recyclable and made with 30% post consumer recycled plastic. Ensure you keep the lid attached to the concentrate bottle when recycling.

Product Details: 

Pack includes:

1 x Refillable Bottle 450ml e 15.2fl.oz

1 x Bottle Station & Station Connector

1 x Cleaning Concentrate 50ml e 1.69fl.oz 

1 x Microfibre Cloth


Aqua (Water), Non-Ionic Surfactant*, Parfum (Fragrance), Chelating Agent, Preservative. *Coconut Derived.