The Happiness Code - Domonique Bertolucci


The Happiness Code shows us the way to unlock our inner happiness. Sporting a brand new illustrated cover, The Happiness Code is a book to treasure and to learn from. Bestselling author and happiness expert Domonique Bertolucci believes that being happy is not a privilege – it is something everyone deserves. Building on the idea that happiness is a choice we make every day, Domonique unlocks the secret to enduring happiness in The Happiness Code with her Ten Keys: take charge, let it go, live for now, expect the best, back yourself, get out the way, be grateful, give all you can, keep it up and be brave. Each Key is discussed individually in its own chapter, with real-life examples to illustrate how to apply them in our day-to-day lives. A happy soul leads to a happy life; take hold of the Keys within The Happiness Code and be prepared for lasting happiness.