The Home Office Reimagined - Oscar Riera Ojeda


Featuring innovative home offices that are inventive, accessible, and often wonderfully serene, this book is a rich source of ideas and inspirations embracing the call to work from home!

Pavilions, sheds, studios, extensions—call them what you will, architects around the globe are experimenting with attached or detached workplaces and creating imaginative ateliers that strain the limits of “miniature”; one is just 100 square feet. It is a worldwide adventure in architectural experimentation and originality.

Organized organically, much like the eco-sensitive structures shown here that only very lightly touch the land, the book allows a reader to meander happily into and out of ideas and space-sensitive solutions for writers, painters, accountants, ceramicists, and individuals of all stripes in need of spaces to think, to work, and to wonder. From a scholar’s library study in upstate New York that reduces an enclosed shelter down to its most spartan modernist roots to a weathered steel-clad extension in London humorously dubbed “Brexit Bunker,” featured examples are splendidly diverse expressions of the creative use of space toward an end of inspiration and productivity.

We can work, study, and dream at a pace that responds to our individual needs in places that inspire us and fill us with delight—that is the goal…and the lesson to be learned here.

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Author: Oscar Riera Ojeda