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Incense Sticks - Bondi Beach


This scent has a strong ocean influence. The Bondi Beach incense is delicate with unexpected with top notes of Grapefruit, middle sweet notes of Cardamom then grounded with Cedarwood.

This box and the ritual to burn is about the reminder to connect.

Connect to-self but also to your loved one. Let’s put everything else aside, just for a moment and be together - in conversation, in laughter, in stillness.

Let’s take that time for us to create a daily ritual of connection.

Product Details:

Pack Size: 60 sticks.

Ingredients: Essential Oils (Grapefruit, Cardamom, Elmi, Mandarin)

Burn Time: Each stick burns for approx. 20 mins, totaling approx 30 hour incense burning time.


Burning should be supervised and away from flammable objects.